1. How to request a proposal?

Accurate information is first needed to develop a accurate proposal. Send us an email via the Contact Us link to begin the process.

  1. How can I obtain a SEMS Certificate?

Foremost, being awarded a SEMS Certificate from the COS exhibits your commitment to making extra efforts to further refine and deeply integrate your SEMS program within operations. A SEMS Certificate is awarded through the verification of corrective action plan implementation and closeout by the ASP performing your SEMS audit. To best develop an Audit Plan and secure appropriate resources, the decision to seek a SEMS Certificate should be disclosed within the initial proposal. See our SEMS Certificate (see COS-2-05),

  1. Who are your audit teams and leads?

View About Us to read about our audit team leads. Qualifications for auditors and audit teams leads can be reviewed in COS-2-01.